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Joy and her 2nd favorite city.


I love the Bay Area. It's home away from home away from home. If I got a job at Pixar or Lucas Film, I would move up there in a heart beat. Maybe not the city city, because I will probably feel slightly claustrophobic living there, but somewhere close. I try to go there every Thanksgiving. My cousins and I are trying to make this a tradition, since there's no way in hell we have enough money to go home to Hawaii for Thanksgiving or enough vacation days for that matter.

This year was a special one. Our cousin that still lives in Hawaii - meeetcho, she and her boyfriend came to join us this year. This is the first time all 4 of us have been together since my other cousin Megan's graduation from college. And that was almost 3 years ago :O. This is also the first time that all of our boyfriends have been together. And lastly, it's the first time all 4 of us were together for Thanksgiving since I left Hawaii 10 years ago. And it was an awesome time.


We played a lot of Heads Up. Inside joke here - "butter churning". LOL. If you have played this game, and you have gotten this clue for the Act It Out category, then you know why this is funny. If you have not played this game, then you should. Play it during the holidays with your families and friends. I promise you'll have fun :)

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