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Joy and her 2nd favorite city.


I love the Bay Area. It's home away from home away from home. If I got a job at Pixar or Lucas Film, I would move up there in a heart beat. Maybe not the city city, because I will probably feel slightly claustrophobic living there, but somewhere close. I try to go there every Thanksgiving. My cousins and I are trying to make this a tradition, since there's no way in hell we have enough money to go home to Hawaii for Thanksgiving or enough vacation days for that matter.

This year was a special one. Our cousin that still lives in Hawaii - meeetcho, she and her boyfriend came to join us this year. This is the first time all 4 of us have been together since my other cousin Megan's graduation from college. And that was almost 3 years ago :O. This is also the first time that all of our boyfriends have been together. And lastly, it's the first time all 4 of us were together for Thanksgiving since I left Hawaii 10 years ago. And it was an awesome time.


We played a lot of Heads Up. Inside joke here - "butter churning". LOL. If you have played this game, and you have gotten this clue for the Act It Out category, then you know why this is funny. If you have not played this game, then you should. Play it during the holidays with your families and friends. I promise you'll have fun :)

Joy and the weekend that wasn't long enough.

This weekend I did stuff. Not exciting stuff. Errand-y stuff.

I got my Christmas tree! I've decided this year that I'm no longer going to get real Christmas trees for as long as I'm living in my current apartment. It is such a hassle to dispose of it after the holidays living from where I live. Don and I went to Target yesterday and we got a 6' Douglas Fir already lit for $50! Yay!! I was going to get one at Michaels because they had their tree sale going on + 25% off coupon, but this deal was much better methinks.

I decorated my filofax this week with one of my favorite sister stamps from my Hawaii friend Jenny :) You can get this particular one here - it's called Otsu Neko Cat :) I love it so much! The quote is by Ron Swanson. And if you don't know who that is, you're dead to me. Kidding! But seriously you need to go watch some Parks and Rec. I'm sad about the rumors I'm hearing about it being canceled. Please don't do it NBC!

I finally had some spare time this weekend to work on Project Life. I've come to a realization. I have too many cards to choose from. I'm not the type of PL'er that does it by collection or kit. For example, I don't just use Dear Lizzy's 5th and Frolic on one layout. I like to mix it up and I also like to pull colors from the actual pictures themselves and balance my layouts out that way. I have it down to a science ;) But because of the amount of cards I've collected over the last several months, it's taking too long for me to decide which ones to use. So I've decided that I need to at least use 1/2 of my collection before I can acquire more. Exception to the rule are the ones I get from my Studio Calico kits. Wish me luck on that!

Joy and the purpley sunset.

In lieu of me not uploading much on my youtube channel, I decided to start posting on my sad, sad blog. At least I cleaned it up a little and changed the template :)

Lately, I've been thinking about my crafty goals. I have a bunch that I want to accomplish in the next month:
  1. Take more pictures with the trusty DSLR
  2. Finish up fall Project Life pages
  3. Keep practicing my calligraphy
  4. Gather supplies for my December Daily
Wish me luck!

Ok so I haven't kept a blog going since college when blogger first came out. That was almost 13ish years maybe? And I used to write on it everyday, religiously. I was much more open back then, when the internet wasn't such a big place. I used to write on it like I was writing in a diary. An entry would go like this:
Dear Diary,
I thought this guy was really cute in my Computer Science class. He has the cutest accent. *swoon* And he talked to me and asked if he could borrow a pencil! EeeEe! I hope he talks to me again tomorrow. Please God!
I'm not kidding. It was embarassing to read some of those LOL. But I'm thinking, how it would be if I could do it that way again. So here I go. I'll tell you about my day.

I've been at my new job now for a month and a half, and I honestly still don't know what I do. I mean, I have an idea, but it's still so different from the last couple jobs I've had. Same industry, different responsibilities. And compared to my other jobs, it's a much more relaxed environment. No sense of crazy urgency. So I feel like I'm on a sugar high waiting for something to happen. I think I have Post Production PTSD.

One thing I do like about my job is the stray cats. Whaaaaat. Yah there's two - a black one and a calico colored one. And they like to rub up on the chairs while begging for a snack. I get to see celebrity puppies too! I wish I could say from which show without giving away where I work.

Oh and one more thing. Today I saw the prettiest sunset from my building. We can see the ocean from my floor and the sky was all sorts of purpley orangey pinks today. Imagine that color reflecting off the water. Beautiful. I regret not taking a picture. Sad.

Hope you all are having a great Thursday :) I'm excited for tomorrow. Going to the mall for lunch so I can use my 20% VIB coupon at Sephora. YAY-yay! I'm thinking maybe getting this intriguing piece of genius.

Joy and her first post.

Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new blog :).

I've been in a weird place in my life lately. I'm stuck in a career that is going nowhere. I'm stuck in a city that I'm starting to fall out of love with. I want to move on to a more lucrative career and move back home to be closer to my family, but I'm kinda stuck... Not in a bad way. Just in a waiting period. In limbo if you will.

So to counteract this yuck feeling, I decided to immerse myself in some new and old hobbies. New - Copic coloring and cardmaking. Old - photography and drawing. I'm sure I'll add more to these lists soon ;)

I wanted to document my journey here in my new home on the web -

I guess I should tell you some stuffs about myself. I'm 30 years old *gulp*. I've been living in Los Angeles for 10 years. I was born and raised in Hawaii. I still visit at least once a year. I haven't been home since July 2012 and I'm already itching to go back. *sigh*. But I moved because I just wanted to see something new. And I did. And now I'm ready to go home.

I work in post production. Very "LA" of me 'eh? Trust me, it's not as glamorous as it sounds. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job. It has it perks. I just feel very bored and restless.

Hmm what else... I have a cat! He's a weird cat. He's dark grey and his name is Mochi (you know, like the Japanese rice cakes). He hops around like rabbit and tries to clean his own litter box.

I have a big thing for Captain America... Maybe because my boyfriend is an army vet and I just have a thing for millitary guys. Or maybe it's just Chris Evans I have a thing for. I don't know. heehee.

I strongly dislike jalapenos.  

I really, really want to ride in a hot air balloon. Preferably a red one.

Well I think that's all you get for now. Until next time.

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