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Joy and the One Little Word℠

One Little Word 2014 - balance

This year, I decided to take part in Ali Edward's One Little Word℠ project. Essentially it's a word you choose (or it chooses you) that you focus on for the whole year.

I thought it would be tough to choose a word because there are just so many good ones out there. Words that I thought of that I didn't use:
  • glow
  • define
  • believe
  • go
  • strong
  • dream
I ended up choosing BALANCE. It was a word that stuck out to me a lot. When I mean a lot, I mean waaaaaaaaaay more than the other ones :)

So why did I choose it? I think because of my experiences in 2013, I realized something huge about myself. I'm a crappy perfectionist. And what I mean by that is I literally "go big or go home". Everything seems like its "all or nothing". No balance whatsoever. Perfect examples - my youtube channel. I went BIG. It was all I ever did for a long time. Everything was focused on creating this channel, making videos, thinking about videos, and watching videos. Then when I got a new job, everything was focused on this new job. And when I mean focus, I mean everything goes to the wayside - household chores, fitness, health, crafting, etc. I need to get rid of this mentality of "Subject A needs to be perfect so I'll let everything just be nothing because everything needs to be perfect". I always tend to go into the extremes. And now looking back at my life, I did that A LOT.

And the craziest thing guys, this word now appears everywhere. It's kinda scary.

In relation to my word, here are my goals this year:
  • MORE crafting and experiments with calligraphy
  • LESS buying of crafty supplies
  • MORE using of the Filofax
  • LESS buying of the Filofax supplies - seriously. I have enough post-it notes to cover the moon.
  • MORE cooking 
  • LESS takeout
  • MORE workouts
  • LESS Netflix watching marathons and Youtube watching
  • MORE taking pictures with the DSLR
  • LESS taking pictures with my phone
  • MORE meaningful everyday moments in Project Life
  • LESS embellishments and bulkiness in Project LIfe - save it for experiments :)
  • MORE veggies
  • LESS chips
  • MORE actual social networking
  • LESS social networking
A giant personal goal that has no relation to OLW is that I want to get physically strong this year. Like seriously strong. I added something to my bucket list that I really really want to accomplish before I turn 33. I want to do a scorpion handstand on a beach in Hawaii and look badass while doing it :) I gave myself a good amount of time to practice and get strong enough to do this. I mean, look at it (see picture below). It's a crazy pose! I barely did 5 push-ups the other day. There's no way I can pull this off anytime soon. Now that I think about it, I guess it does have something to do with my word, because you do need balance to do this.

On that note, I will leave you a quote by E.B. White. I found this whilst looking for inspiration for my OLW --
I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. 
Sounds like my day, everyday :)

P.S. The amazing bracelet featured in this post was made by Michelle at LycheeKiss. I love it so much. I had it custom made so that I can be reminded of my word everyday. As Ali Edwards says - make your word visible.

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